Brandy Villa Zarri Assemblaggio Tradizionale 10 years


The number of years marked on the label indicates the youngest vintage in the blend. The name of this Brandy “Villa Zarri 10 years Traditional Blend” derives from the fact that traditionally the Brandy that is bottled is a blend, or assemblage, of several distillates of different vintages and ages. This is because the blending of the different organoleptic characteristics of the distillates gives the product a much more harmonious and complete bouquet. This Brandy is an example of great elegance and refinement. A demonstration of Guido Fini Zarri’s great skill.

Bright amber colour with green-golden reflections. Intense bouquet with notes of pickled grapes, leather, vanilla, cinnamon, dried fruits and black tea leaves. On the palate, character and warmth lead the way to a fine and pleasant texture that conquers the palate and lingers there for a long time.

Guido Fini Zarri comes from a noble Bolognese family that has distilled spirits for half a century.


EUR 81,-/liter, incl. German VAT


Name: Villa Fini Zarri, Brandy Assemblaggio Tradizionale, 10 years, 0.5 l

Alcohol: 44°