Brandy Villa Zarri Millesimato 1994 23 years


This wonderful golden-yellow and elegantly aromatic vintage brandy, distilled from Trebbiano grapes from Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, is a pure delight and justifiably the pride and joy of Guido Zarri. Aged in a discontinuous method using different barrels without, as is common practice, the addition of distilled water. A scent of dates and figs, an aroma of chocolate pipe tobacco, almonds and dried lavender, with a smoothly sweet finale arriving to a finish with a creamy touch of balsamic mint. Perfect to savory cheeses, chocolate desserts, dates and figs, smoked meats and, of course, wonderful with a cigar.
Guido Fini Zarri comes from a noble Bolognese family that has distilled spirits for half a century.



Name: Villa Fini Zarri, Brandy Millesimato 1994 (Aged 23 Years), 0.5 l


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